Roberto Lopez

Roberto lopez Aleña

Age: 28

Location: Cabrils (Barcelona) Spain.

Favorite Riding Spot: Cabrils, quatre camins street, barcelona spain (almoust imposible to ride too many cars)

How did you get started? I was working of snowboard instructor and at the summers i used to really want to go snowboarding, some friend of mine who knows me a lot talked to me about freebord the next day i test one and the next week i bought mine. i have footage of my first freebord day sooo ridicolous…

How long have you been riding? About five years.

Best Freebord memory: The trip to Verbier with Freebord company was sooo sick

Board settings: Tight trucks, medium rocker, board 80cm

Favorite deck graphic of all time: The riot was my favorite by far

[freebord_vimeo_main id="1818557" width="640" height="340"]