Justin Oliver

Justin Oliver

Age: 23

Location: Radford, VA

Favorite Riding Spot: Pretty much any sidewalks in San Francisco

How did you get started? My Brother-in-law showed me the website and talked about how sweet they looked, so I bought one and it was all downhill from there.

How long have you been riding? 5 years

Best Freebord Memory: Wow there are so many but I guess I’ll have to say it was when I won Rookie of the year, I traveled across the States with team rider Sica Hafan, then met the Freebord Mfg crew along with many other international riders that were also there for the Freebord Rider Awards.

Board settings (currently)

Both trucks equally pretty tight

Mad Rocker

Deck size and favorite graphic: 85 Bunny with the joint series

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3151 Lincoln
3151 Lincoln (Unbranded)
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