Jonathan Ehm

Jonathan Ehm

Age: 28

Location: Lost in the Alps (theys, FRANCE)

Favorite Riding Spot: My home spot the Col des Mouilles

How did you get started? I was trying to find a way to get a snowboard feeling on pavement. By searching on the internet I finally discovered and the small clip that made the intro at the time. I felt like this was exactly the board i was looking for! So I bought my first board : an Alpha 100 (the first generation boards with no bidings).

How long have you been riding? 5 years now.

Best Freebord memory: The shuttle session in SF during FRA 07 and the trip in Italy with my Crazy Friends of Europe !

Board settings: 83cm deck, Tight trucks, back truck a bit looser, big rocker

Favorite graphic of all time: Fader

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